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ANYCUBIC Photon Support

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  • 1. photon firmware 4.2.17

    1.The firmware is a Beta version that adds anti-aliasing function.

    2. The zip file also includes the corresponding slice software which supports Windows and Mac computer system. 

    Please click on it to download.  

  • 2. photon firmware 4.2.14

    The firmware is photon firmware 4.2.14,please click on it to download. 

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  • 1. Test.photon

    The Test model is for ANYCUBIC Photon,please click on it to dowmload.

  • 2. ANYCUBIC Cube Test stl.

    The Test model (stl. file) is for ANYCUBIC Photon  ,please click on it to dowmload.

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